#post-your-rsn-here: Self explanatory. Read the message in there for more info.

#raid-resources: Info and images on scouting and Olm mechanics.
These can also now be found here (scouting) and here (Olm).

#rules-and-faq: An outline of all discord and raiding rules as well as frequently asked questions.

#t5-verification: Only accessible by tier 4’s. Read the instructions in the channel.



#gear-advice: Check the pinned messages first. You can post your gear here and receive advice, or ask general questions about gear.

#help: Ask anything.

#mentor-feedback: Feedback channel to show appreciation for or criticise mentors (or someone who has helped teach you).

#mentor-application: Read the pinned message. Only accessible by tier 3’s and above.

#theorycrafting: For higher level discussions e.g. min-maxing, data collection, etc.

#suggestions: Let us know if there are things we could improve or add to the discord.




#lfr-learner | #lfr-standard | #lfr-advanced: If no one is in the waiting rooms and/or #chat is too busy, use these channels to ask for teams, etc. Read the pinned message in #chat for more info.

#lfr-intro-to-max-eff: People who want to transition from doing normal advanced raids to maximum effort/efficiency raids i.e. alting, skipping specials, speed runs, etc. Or for people who want to teach others how.

#lfr-event: Channel for organising raids events e.g. masses, or non-raids related events e.g. revs, GWD, etc. Use @mass for organising masses.

#advanced-tactics: Discussion/questions of methods for advanced raids.

#solo-tactics: Discussion/questions of methods, gear, etc for solo raids.



#dead: Posts of people dying in raids. Please don’t post multiple times for one person in one raid if you aren’t friends or if they are a low tier raider. This is not meant to be a bullying channel.

#drops: Post your screenshots of raids drops here if you like. Post ONLY ONCE per drop.

#memes: For memes, images, etc. that you aren’t intending to actually discuss.

#weebs: バカ

#irl: Talk about stuff from real life here if you want.

#staking-rehab: For all screenshots/talk about staking.

#bot-commands: All bot commands are pinned.

Voice channels with (:musical_note:) next to them mean that the music bot is able to be used in that channel. Check the pinned message in #bot-commands for instructions on how to use it. You can right-click mute channels and categories that aren’t relevant to you/you don’t want to see.