About Us

We Do Raids is a Discord community based around Raids in Oldschool Runescape (Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood). We provide a helpful environment for new people to learn raids among experienced players and learners, alike. On this site and on our discord you will find numerous resources to help you learn how to raid well. The discord also provides a way for members of the community to team up and find others to raid with, or learn advanced techniques from the Mentors and other experienced people in the community.

If you are new to our discord please read Welcome for a full overview of our server, including how to access channels and other important information.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/WDR

Current Staff


If you have a problem with any Moderator please DM us. Other than that, we are just more Moderators.





Moderators have the ability to move, mute, kick and ban. If you are having any problems or have any questions pertaining to the server, please use the !modmail command. If you are unsure what or how to report, type !report instead.

A list of current Moderators can be found in the #rules channel in Discord.