Tips and Tricks

± Learn how to use F-keys, it will make your raiding experience much smoother.

± Ask questions! If you’re in a learner raid you don’t need to sit in silence. If you are unsure about something please ask; don’t sit there blindly going into a room because you’re too scared to say something.

± Watch some videos of raids before your first raid so that you vaguely understand how all the bosses move and attack.

± Once you’re fairly comfortable with Olm, learn how to “run the head”.

± Check your gear after each raid! i.e. refill your trident and blowpipe, and check your tentacle charges.

± IF YOU ARE BRAND NEW, PLEASE DON’T TRY TO SOLO. Many people come into the discord thinking they are ready to solo a raid because they’ve watched Woox’s video 15 times. If you solo your first raids you will get extremely frustrated: soloing increases the difficulty of raids significantly, as well as making methods for some bosses more complex (i.e. you will need to learn different methods than you are used to for team raids). If you are really sick of waiting for a team, go into a raid solo and just practice the demi bosses to get a feel for how they move and how you should be moving. Obviously you are welcome to play the game how you want, but this is a recommendation based on our experience. Most people become demotivated after attempting to solo their first raids.