(With the exception of specific account builds)

Keep in mind that these are absolute MINIMUM. You may find that people will not raid with you if you just have the bare minimum in stats and gear. That said, if you are only just learning we will try to cater to you in the workshops.
75+ Melee stats
70+ Prayer
75+ Mage
75+ Range

Ideally, if you plan to keep raiding consistently after you have been taught, you will want:
90+ Strength
77+ Prayer
90+ Mage
90+ Range

While you will not need them when learning in teams, you should also aim to achieve:
70+ Farming
78+ Herblore
60+ Construction

Other useful stats (for shortcuts and puzzle rooms) are:

These last ones have no static requirement and will change based on the stats of your team, so obviously the higher your stats are, the more likely you will be able to do a shortcut or complete a puzzle room.


This is the minimum gear you should be raiding with.

If you cannot manage either of these setups then expect to be refused when you ask to join a raid with a mentor (or others). If you cannot properly equip yourself for end-game content then it isn’t our responsibility to carry you through it.

minimum gear.png

Check #gear-setups for more options.