Discord Roles


If you think a Mod or another Admin is abusing their power, or if you see someone who needs to be banned e.g. advertisers, spammers, etc. please @ or DM an online admin.


If something needs to be dealt with e.g. misbehaving member, problem with members within a raid, etc., please @ or DM an online Mod (or Admin).


These are the verified teachers of this discord. Each mentor has undergone trials with other Mentors and Mods to ensure they have the knowledge and temperament for teaching new people how to raid.

Trial Mentor

People who have applied for the Mentor role and are in the process of being put through trial teaching raids with other Mentors.



Tier 5: 500kc+
Tier 4: 150kc+
Tier 3: 75kc+
Tier 2: 25kc+
Tier 1: 5kc+
Tier 0: <5kc


Tier 5: 250kc+
Tier 4: 100kc+
Tier 3: 50kc+
Tier 2: 10kc+
Tier 1: <10kc

Whenever you reach a new tier of kc, go back to #role-commands and update your kc.


A member who is temporarily server muted for breaking rules.

Tiers are not an indicator of skill level. They are merely a general measuring tool to distinguish players broadly based on their quantitative experience at raids. Please do not complain to us that someone isn’t up to your standard even though they’re a t3. If they are that bad then you can message us and we will ask for proof of their kc. Otherwise, you can just not raid with them again; it’s your choice who you raid with.