What is the We Do Raids Discord?

WDR is a raiding discord for Oldschool Runescape.
Here, you can discuss, host, join & raids with other players in the server.
Additionally, if you are new to raids, Mentors will host teaching raids to introduce you to the best strategies behind completing the rooms and help you get your first few KC

How do the discord ranks work?

After typing your RSN in #post-your-rsn-here, you can add your killcount in #role-commands with the !cox and !tob commands. Additionally, you can add roles such as !ffa, !mass, !alt, and !prescout to identify which types of raiding you do.

I’m new to raids, how do I find a Mentor to teach me?

Mentors host workshops every Saturday at 12PM EST (4PM GMT). This is a guaranteed time to be able to find a raid. Mentors will post learner raids in #mentor-raid-times whenever they are available to teach throughout the week, if you are Tier 0/1 you will be pinged when this takes place.
Please do not ask Mentors directly.

What is the best gear for raiding, and what budget do I need to start?

For help with optimal gear at every budget, refer to #gear-setups. To get the very minimum gear to raid with, a budget of around 35m is a good place to start.

How do I find a raids team in the discord?

Read #guide-to-wdr

Are the raids in this discord FFA or split?

WDR is a default split server. For raids in this discord, you must split all drops where the split is at least 1M for each person in the raid (alts excluded). Unless the raid is scouted and organised in only the dedicated FFA channel and every single person in that raid agrees to FFA before the raid begins, FFA is not permitted under any circumstances.

I had a problem with another user in my raid, what do I do?

Refer to #help-desk for instructions on contacting a member of the staff team.
Use the !report or !modmail command and make sure you take screenshots for proof.

A player in my raid is very bad. Am I allowed to kick them?

Unless the player expresses a serious intent to scam, and you have evidence of this, you are not allowed to kick players from your raid. Doing so can result in being striked.
You may consult a Mod to ask permission. Read the rules for more information.

I have an issue with people in the raid/a problem. Can I leave the raid?

You may not leave a raid without first consulting the Raid Members and them agreeing.
Doing so can result in being striked.
You may consult a Mod to ask permission. Read the rules for more information.

What is scouting, and why are certain rooms avoided?

Scouting exists to maximise raids points per hour, which directly influences GP per hour. The fastest way to get points (and thus earn money) is to get to Olm as fast as possible, as Olm gives the most points by far. For this reason, the ideal raid scout is:

Three Combat Rooms.
Tightrope, Crabs (crope)

You should never scout an Unknown room, as these potentially add an enormous amount of time to the raid. If you struggle to find a Crabs and Tightrope puzzle layout, you can settle for Tightrope and Thieving (Thrope), or Tightrope and Crabs (crope) with four combat rooms instead of three.

Can I invite my outside friends to raid with people I found in this discord?

When you host a raid in WDR, every single person in the raid must be a member of the discord. Raiding with people outside of the discord is not permitted under any circumstances. This is to protect raiders in this discord from raiding with known scammers, who we can filter out with our Runewatch name tracking. Even if you do not believe your friend is a scammer, the easiest solution is to just invite them to the discord.

Type !invite to get an invite link in chat that you can give to your friends, or look in #welcome or the pinned messages in #chat.

What are the minimum requirements to raid?

75+ Attack, Strength, Ranged & Magic
70+ Prayer (unless you are a specific account build that restricts you to 45+)
All of the minimum gear requirements as seen in #gear-setups

Recommended Stats:

90+ All Melee Stats
95+ Ranged & Magic
77+ Prayer (with Rigour and Augury)
78+ Herblore (90 to scout non-overload raids)
70+ Farming
An intermediate non-void gear setup as seen in #gear-setups

I’m interested in joining the staff team, how can I apply?

For information on applying to become a mentor, check out #mentor-application.
For information on applying to become a moderator, contact one.

Can we get the ability to tag (ping) tiers higher than Tier 1?

No. Use the waiting voice channels and the tier text channels to find a raid. The reason Tier 0 and 1 can be tagged is so that Mentors can let the learners know when they will be teaching.

Can you enforce more requirements on the higher tiers? (e.g. stat and gear requirements)

No. We would have to do that manually, and considering there are over 3000 Tier 3 members then that is not feasible, nor worth the effort.
See: this post taken from #welcome:
Tiers are not an indicator of skill level. They are merely a general measuring tool to distinguish players broadly based on their quantitative experience at raids. Please do not complain to us that someone isn’t up to your standard even though they’re a t3. If they are that bad then you can message us and we will ask for proof of their kc. Otherwise, you can just not raid with them again; it’s your choice.
A further note: There are guidelines for each tier of raid (learner/standard/advanced/maxeff) pinned to each respective channel.

Can we have a NSFW channel?

No. We’ve had one in the past and decided it doesn’t fit with this server. If what you want to post isn’t appropriate for #memes and doesn’t adhere to #rules then don’t post it.

Can we have a higher kc rank?

We already all (Mentors, Mods and Admins) talked about kc requirements for roles when we redid the role system. Having a higher tier would be completely pointless and only lead to more elitism/people showing off, etc. The main reason we have tiers in this discord to to differentiate between different stages of learners.

Can we change the current default splitting rules to that it needs to be more than a 1m split for it to be a split raid?

No. 1m is a lot of money for some learners (and non-learners) and they shouldn’t be deprived of that just because you don’t value it as much as they do. If all the people in your raid can agree on a higher minimum split amount then you may change the rules. Make sure to get a screenshot of everyone agreeing so that no one complains afterwards.

Can we have an ingame Clan Chat?

There is a We Do Raids clan chat now. It is only for socialising, but feel free to join and ask for any title you’d like. All raids must still be organised in the discord.

My question isn’t answered here, where can I find help?

Check out #help-desk to contact staff for any unanswered questions.