The general rules of We Do Raids are outlined in #rules in the server. Below is further information about how punishments work, why kicking and leaving is not allowed, and some examples of rule-breaking that fall under the general rules.

We use a strike system within the server to keep track of the severity and regularity of rule-breaking. Each time an offence occurs, the user will be given a varying amount of strikes based on the offence and its context. If the offence is minor enough, then they will be given a warning instead.
:dot: If you accumulate 3 or 4 strikes, you will be given a publicly visible role.
:dot: If you accumulate 4 strikes, you will be timed out from the server for 4 days.
:dot: If you exceed 4 strikes, you will be banned.
:dot: Sometimes users may be unbanned after significant amounts of time. If they are banned again after this, then the ban is permanent.
Strikes decay over time given periods of no rule-breaking. You do not need to request that they be removed as we retroactively account for time between offences. If you need your 3/4 role removed, then feel free to request it from a Mod or via !modmail.
Strikes decay one at a time in the following way:
:dot: If you are on 1 strike, it will be void in 1 month.
:dot: If you are on 2 strikes, they will reduce by 1 per month.
:dot: If you are on 3 strikes, they will reduce by 1 after 2 months.
:dot: If you are on 4 strikes, they will reduce by 1 after 4 months.
Note that punishments are for offences that are relevant to this discord i.e. that happen during a raid or in the text/voice channels. If somebody in or outside of the discord hacks/steals your account/items/gp it is not the responsibility of the discord staff to get involved. Account sharing and loans are at your own risk.

Both kicking from and leaving a raid are against the rules. If you think you have a good reason for either, then use !modmail and someone will contact you. To save you the trouble, unless someone is severely griefing the raid then the answer to your request to kick or leave is going to be no.
If someone is being toxic then screenshot it, block them, finish the raid and report them. If you kick someone or leave a raid without Mod permission, then you will be expected to provide very good evidence that they were griefing. If you do not, then you will be given default punishments.
Kicking = 2 strikes
Leaving = 1 strike
Kicking is against the rules because:
– it completely deprives people of their autonomy
– it prevents them from having a chance at the drop
– it makes the rest of the raid harder for the team
– it lowers the team points
– most people kick others for very trivial and/or solvable issues
If you kick someone from a raid you are still required to split with them if you get a drop.
Leaving is against the rules because:
– it makes the rest of the raid harder for the team
– it lowers the team points
– it’s a waste of your own time (the time it took you to scout, find a team and get to that point in the raid can’t be gotten back!)
If you leave a raid and the team gets a drop you are not entitled to a split.


Drinking raids potions before Olm is not against the rules – just be reasonable. If your team doesn’t want to prep overloads then save them for the end of the raid instead of sipping them during the raid.

Hosts are not special. They do not get special treatment just because they scouted a raid.
– Hosts do not automatically get the crystal at tightrope
– Hosts do not automatically get to choose their roles before everyone else
– Hosts do not get to set arbitrary rules during the raid that weren’t specified in the scout post


The following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of rule-breaking, which fall under harassment, breaking of Discord/Jagex/WDR rules/ToS, raiding etiquette, etc. If something is not listed here it does not mean that it is okay. If we deem that something is still within the bounds of common sense to know then you will be held accountable regardless.

  • Intentionally dying
  • Intentionally causing others to die
  • Rushing the raid in learner or standard channels
  • Excessively rude and targeted language
  • Repeatedly using text or images to bait reactions out of people
  • Using text or images to imply or bait rule-breaking e.g. slurs
  • Failing to set your RSN correctly
  • Setting your KC higher than it is
  • Advertising
  • Recruiting
  • Spamming
  • Attempting to change split rules mid-raid
  • Failing to notify your team before the raid if you are a limited account, an ironman or learning on mobile
  • Using alternate accounts to evade punishments
  • Misusing channels e.g. conversing in a Looking-for-raid (lfr) channel
  • Flaming people you raid with in public or DMs (you should report them instead)
  • Asking for no-collateral loans